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Selling Destinations, Geography for the Travel Professional, 4E
Author: Marc Mancini
ISBN#: 1401819826 © 2004
Published by Thomson Delmar Learning

Selling Destinations offers a fresh approach to teaching and learning travel geography. Following an introductory overview, the text is divided into six parts, covering major travel destinations around the world. The most popular locations visited by Americans receive detailed treatment in chapters of their own. Secondary destinations merit several pages or paragraphs in special potpourri chapters specific to each region.

This text makes the study of geography academically rigorous and fun. It uses magazine-style prose, two-color highlighting, lists, headings, subheadings, graphs, tables, photos, case studies and application activities to teach, clarify and reinforce the information.

More than 300 visual elements enliven the material presented. They are attractively presented in the form of maps; FYI, Travel Trivia and Margin Notes boxes; climate charts; and grid boxes identifying the types of people who are attracted to major destinations. These essential elements help the student retain much more information than they would with a traditional textbook.

The sales-geography philosophy is supported by essential information that will help travelers make the most of their experiences. It fully addresses such topics as travel to the destination, local modes of transportation, trip highlights and day trips, lodging options and allied destinations. Sales strategies focus on extra services that yield extra income for almost all travel professionals. Each chapter closes with a map activity testing knowledge of geographic locations and their attractions, a case study to apply the knowledge learned to hypothetical travelers and a creative activity that challenges the student to find an innovative solution to a hypothetical situation. These activities lend themselves well to in-class group discussions.

New To This Edition:

  • This fourth edition changes its focus from travel agents to employees in all sectors of the industry
  • The reader also will find more instructional activities, including Web-based activities which prompt the use of the Internet for travel research
  • Additionally, the American Potpourri chapter has been split into two chapters, making it easier to absorb the considerable amount of information in these sections

Features and Benefits:

  • More than 100 sales activities allow students to apply knowledge they have gained in an entertaining and real-life fashion, and they give instructors ready-made group activities
  • Nearly 300 visual elements including charts, maps, photos and illustrations draw readers in, enabling them to retain much more than they would with a traditional text book
  • Magazine-like prose makes reading about geography fun
  • Textbook and workbook in one enables students to learn and instructors to teach the most popular travel destinations and do exercises all from one book

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